Scottish Cheese? I blame the Romans!

Scottish artisan cheese has struggled in the 20th Century. But after millennia in the dark, Scottish cheese is starting to see the light! Once upon a time there was an annual trophy for the best Scottish Farmhouse cheese. But by 1972 it had been discontinued because there had been only one entrant in six years! […]


Kris MacGregor, Manchester

“Fantastic evening and always standout cheeses. Educational and filling. What more could you want?!”


Rosamarie Harrison, Harrogate

“Attended a great event in Harrogate last night, and woke up with cheese cravings after enjoying all eight yummy award winning cheeses! Come back soon please! ??”


Lucy Swinton

“It’s simply wonderful, I wish I could go every month. Every night is a cracker. Cheese appreciation and knowledge is deeply admired. If you like cheese this is for you! If you need a cheese education this is for you! If you don’t like cheese then this probably isn’t for you… (so more cheese for […]


Eddie Hurst, Leeds

“Nick and Vickie have created a truly wonderful event with Homage2Fromage. (It)…really is something special as they share their genuine love and knowledge of cheese in a warm and friendly atmosphere, void of any snobbishness. Regardless of the theme (which changes each month) there’s always something to enjoy and discover as they dish up a […]

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