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This is the new improved MEMBERSHIP!

The New Homage2Fromage Membership is designed to give Members something really special - cheaper tickets of course - but also lots of other benefits! 

The new Membership costs just £20 a year right now - this is an introductory offer, so why wait!

You will get:

  1. Cheaper tickets - you will get cheaper tickets. Member Tickets will be £12 - as opposed to £15 for non-Members.
  2. Advance tickets - only Members will be able to buy tickets before anyone else.
  3. Book tables - reserve some space for you and your friends... Just let us know and we will sort it. 
  4. Discounted stuff - we are going to start selling stuff - branded Homage2Fromage stuff - and other lovely things to go with cheese (as well as cheese!).You'll get a minimum 10% off everything we sell.
  5. Additional content - you'll be able to access articles and info just for Members
  6. A lovely pin badge, and a nice Membership Card... posted to you (so please enter your address below. 
  7. Exclusive products, events and offers - extra nice things that only you will be able to buy. 
  8. Special cheese boxes from The Courtyard Dairy - just for our members at a very special price. 
  9. Monthly Prizes - every month we will pick a Member to recieve something a little bit special!  

Before you buy a Membership PLEASE create an account as you will need one to get the best out of the Membership.

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