• Harrogate - Amazing unpasteurised CHEESE! 27th June


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    7pm  SHARP 


    27th June  2019


    Harrogate Fine Wine

    3 Montpellier St,

    Harrogate HG1 2TQ


    You've probably been eating unpasteurised cheeses for years! Some of our best loved cheeses are made with raw milk! 

    Unpasteurised cheeses are considered by some to be the paragons of the cheese world.

    They are made with milk that has not been pasteurised - a process that heats the milk and kills all the bacteria, before cultured bacteria is added as part of the cheese-making process.

    But pasteurisation also destroys desirable enzymes that create unique flavours, textures and aromas. Pasteurised cheese is more homogenous, consistent and marketable – but some say it can taste blander and even processed!!

    Researchers at France’s Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique found the flavours of raw milk cheese to be richer and more complex.

    Unpasteurised cheeses capture the flavour and essence of the region where they are produced. They produce seasonal variation, complex, dynamic flavours and aromas and are as unpredictable as a temperamental chef!

    We are doing our bit for the great unpasteurised cheese culture by presenting eight absolute beauties!

    Eight great cheeses with all the trimmings – breads, fruits, chutneys… fun, informal and informative…

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