We are looking for eager people who want to become one of our Masters of Cheese – presenting amazing cheese to a room full of happy cheese fans!

You’ll need to commit to an event every month, be available to  turn up from about 5.30, set up the cheese table, then meet and greet guests, introduce the event and tell people all about the cheese at the end.

You’ll be there to share cheese, eat cheese, talk about cheese.
Everything will be there waiting for you – all you’ll need to do is set up and go!

We will also help you recruit Cheese Assistants to lend a hand when things get busy.  You’ll get all the support you need from us! 
As the Homage2Fromage Master of Cheese you’ll get full training, guidance, info about cheese and the chance to get involved in cheese in your area. 

You’ll need to be organised, confident and creative, happy to get up and talk to a room full of people, and – of course – you must LOVE cheese!

You’ll discover more about this incredible unique food, get a little extra cash, and lots of cheese!

So, if you want to be part of one of our amazing cheese revolution – and join the fun fromage family that’s dedicated to celebrating wonderful cheese every month – get in touch!

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